Shay Murtagh Precast Complete Canadian Contract with confidence and professionalism


Shay Murtagh Precast Complete Canadian Contract with confidence and professionalism

Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation on Baffin Island, Canada, is one of the most northern mines in the world with the Mary River Mine extending furthest north. The Mary River Property consists of nine-plus high-grade iron ore deposits that can be mined, crushed, and screened into marketable products giving it a status of the richest iron ore deposits ever discovered.

Last July Shay Murtagh Precast took on a contract by Hatch to manufacture and partially deliver precast concrete for Baffinland Corporation. Baffinland required an import of precast as ingredients are scarce and cold conditions prevent concrete from setting correctly.

The products required comprised of road barriers, beams, retaining walls and a number of basement blocks. These products were precast over the course of 3 months and had to be delivered from the Shay Murtagh headquarters in Raharney to Dublin port. The majority of the products were heavy and wide loads which summed up to 216 units. These units were transported in 160 separate loads. They were then loaded onto the Wagenborg- one of the largest ships to have entered Dublin port. Loading took 4 days to complete and required a dedicated logistics team to manage the operation and tight deadline to ensure the 5,500 tons of precast were balanced within the ship.

Once loaded the ship began its long journey to Milne Port where the Precast units were then removed by crane and taken to shore by barge.

Congratulating the Team on this extensive project. The Shay Murtagh team completed the contract on the last day of August once all precast had been loaded. The ship departed on 31st August and arrived in Milne inlet on the 8th of September..

Check out the loading time lapse below

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