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Dawlish Sea Wall

In February 2014 a violent storm caused widespread damage across the south of England.  One of the worst affected places was Dawlish, on the South Devon coast, where the sea wall was overwhelmed and the railway line, which forms an important link in the main railway line across the south coast through to Cornwall, was […]

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Twin Wall System for Tonlegee Road Nursing Home in Dublin

The construction of a large nursing home requires specialist skills in engineering and design, which is why JNP Architects and their contractors, DHD Construction, looked to Shay Murtagh to supply the pre-cast concrete components of the luxurious building in Raheny, Dublin. This was a design and build contract, and the TLC Group, who commissioned the […]

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The Barking Riverside Extension Project

One of the most ambitious riverside developments in London, the Barking Riverside Extension Project depends for its very existence upon the extension of the London Overground railway line from Barking itself to a new station, Barking Riverside, to be constructed at the heart of the new town. When completed, Barking Riverside Station will have over […]

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Façade Panels for Whitechapel Station, London

Part of the huge Crossrail development, Whitechapel Station is being modernised and extended in a project that combines the apparently conflicting requirements of retaining the old façade of the station whilst giving passengers a modern, light and environmentally sustainable access to the Crossrail lines. Much of the new building has been constructed using bricks from […]

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Precast Beams For London City Airport

Significantly smaller than the giant Heathrow Airport, London City Airport is nevertheless an important transport hub, particularly for the financial sector of the City of London.  The little airport now needs to expand in order to cater for an estimated two million per annum growth in passengers. The £480 million project involves technological advances that […]

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Lift Shaft Box Units for Leeds University

Founded in 1874 as the Yorkshire College of Science, merged ten years later with the Leeds School of Medicine, and granted its Royal Charter in 1904 by King Edward VII, The University of Leeds is by no means the oldest educational establishment in England, but it is one of the most innovative and forward-looking, and […]

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4 Metre Wide Deck Units For Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is the largest and busiest in the world, so it is not surprising that upgrades and improvements large and small continue year on year.  As aircraft become larger and heavier, runways and taxiways need to be extended and strengthened to take the additional strain, and the infrastructure to support the airport itself and […]

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Portal frame units, cill beams and base units for the Cambridge Depot of the Thameslink Portal

One of the biggest transport infrastructure projects of the century, Thameslink, which will when completed comprise a 115 station main-line system in South East England, has drawn together some of the finest architects, engineers, designers and construction companies in the field of civil engineering. The Cambridge depot forms a major part of the development and […]



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