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300 Precast Concrete Units for the Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot in Plymouth

When the Defence Infrastructure Organisation plans a major project to update the fuel loading and fire-fighting capabilities at a Royal Navy base. That planning needs to be in expert hands.  It is difficult enough under normal circumstances. But when the new jetty, built within the confines of a ‘Special Area of Conservation’. This case along the River Tamar in Cornwall, there also a need for compliance with some very stringent environmental regulations.

VolkerStevin was awarded the contract to design and construct the new jetty at the Thanckes oil fuel depot in Plymouth, a project that was worth an estimated £43 million.

The environmental constraints meant that care; taken to minimise disturbance and disruption.  Not only to local residents but also to migrating fish.  Any dredging, clearance and piling work, of which there was a considerable amount, could only take place after the annual migration. The time scale that would coincide with the first of the autumn storms.

Hardly surprisingly, VolkerSteven turned to Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete for the manufacture and delivery of over 300 precast concrete units with which the new jetty was constructed, following the demolition of the sixty-year-old existing structure.  Victoria Wharf has taken delivery of many structures. But few as massive as the great beams that form the core of the new jetty.

With scheduling playing such an important role in the project. It was not only Shay Murtagh’s four decades of experience in the front line of precast concrete technology that made them the manufacturer of choice. Their logistical expertise was also a vital factor.  The 300 precast concrete units units had to arrive as and when required. This requirement, for the construction process to run smoothly. So that the project completed on time and within budget.

Precast concrete was the material of choice. Offering as it does strength and durability, as well as value for money. Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete’s reputation for quality and reliability has once more, enhanced by the excellence of its products. Also the efficiency with which they delivered to the site.


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