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Box Culverts for Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Environment Agency and Northumberland County Council are working in partnership to reduce the risk of flooding in Morpeth.

Birse Civils and Halcrow were contracted to deliver a flood scheme to protect over 1,000 homes and businesses in Morpeth.

Once complete this scheme will protect the community of Morpeth from up to a 1 in 137 year flood. This is equivalent to the flooding experienced by the town in 2008.

This large and complex construction project began in early 2013 and is expected to be complete in Autumn 2014. Part of this scheme is the construction of a dam at Mitford. Birse Civils contracted Shay Murtagh Precast to manufacture and supply the box culverts required for this first phase of the Morpeth Flood Alleviation Scheme.

230m of 3.0 x 3.0 culvert and 48m of 1.8 x 1.8 box culverts were manufactured and delivered to site where the onsite team installed. Now that all the culverts are in place construction of the clay dam that has been designed to hold back 1.4 million cubic metres of water back over 1.6 miles of the valley begins.

Thank you to Andy and the Birse Civils team. The photographs kindly provided by Birse Civils shows the size of this project and will shortly be invisible as all will be covered by clay.

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Box Culverts. Remember you can contact us directly at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk

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