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Bridge Beams for Omagh Hospital Link Road

Introduction to Bridge Construction

For the Bridge Construction in Omagh, Shay Murtagh Precast were appointed by Whitemountain/Coffey JV to manufacture and deliver bridge beams for a new bridge structure to Omagh.

The Omagh Hospital Link Road Bridge, is the first phase as part of an enabling works package. To provide a suitable access road to the Hospital site prior to bridge construction.

Bridge Beam Specifications

This project consisted of a 3 span bridge with 15 number Y6 bridge beams in each span. We manufactured 30 number 27.150m long concrete beams, each weighing 35.3t for spans 01 and 03 and 15 number 26.750m long beams weighing 34.7t for the centre span.

A logistical programme was put together with the Main Contractor as the site had to be accessed from different sides and the teams in Shay Murtagh Precast and Whitemountain/Coffey worked closely to deliver to schedule.

The road opened in January 2014.

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Bridge Beams or contact the team at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information.

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