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Concrete Bridge Beams for Cross Rail’s Pudding Mill Lane

Introduction to Cross Rail Project

Cross Rail, one of the largest projects currently in construction in the UK and Europe is due to open in 2018/19.

Morgan Sindall secured the C350 Crossrail Pudding Mill Lane project which includes as part of its remit a six span viaduct to carry track for the Docklands Light Railway. They awarded Shay Murtagh Precast with the manufacture of the concrete bridge beams.

The precast elements consisted of twelve bespoke Z-profiled reinforced concrete bridge beams to span over the viaduct piers.

Bridge Beam Specifications

  • The bridge beams had an overall height of 2000mm with top and bottom flange widths of approximately 1320mm and 1600mm respectively.
  • The overall beam lengths varied from 23.394m to 24.947m and had a maximum weight of 107.5t.
  • Two of the beams, curved on plan and therefore the lifting arrangement required careful consideration.

All the beams, cast with projecting reinforcement to enable connection with the insitu deck pours afterwards. A careful lifting arrangement, discussed and implemented safely both on the precast yard and on-site to install the beams using 600 lattice boomed super lift crane.

Additional Precast Concrete Beams

An extra two additional precast concrete beams required, post-tensioned to from a bridge over the northern outfall sewers at the east end of the viaduct. These beams had an overall length of 29.638m and weighed 121t and the beam profile was similar to the viaduct reinforced concrete beams.

The post-tensioning ducts, carefully placed to ensure the correct duct profile was achieved in the beams. These beams were also cast with projecting reinforcement to enable connection with the insitu post-tensioned deck. All beams had inserts cast into their soffits to enable fixing of the permanent bearings on site.

These concrete beams demanded an organized and efficient approach to logistics to deliver the precast items into the heart of Stratford and the Olympic Park. The Morgan Sindall Site Team and Shay Murtagh Precast Transport focused on creating and following a programme of bringing the abnormal loads into London at key times for ease of entry. Working with our haulage partners and escort teams we delivered to schedule. The area, currently closed for the 2012 Olympics and work continues on the project in the autumn. We thank Isayas Tecleberhan (Senior Site Agent) and all the Morgan Sindall team.

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