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Hungerford Road Bridge – Opens 3 weeks ahead of schedule


Shay Murtagh Precast, contracted by J Murphy & Sons for the manufacture of cill beams, box beams and approach walls for their project as part of Network Rail’s Railway Upgrade Plan.

About the Project

The plan to deliver a better, more reliable railway service for more than four million passengers that travel by train.

The upgrade of the Hungerford Road bridge, part of a wider £17million improvement programme. The programme to Network Rail structures between Crewe and Manchester. 

This project included strengthening work and the rebuilding of the southern side of the structure. This included a new parapet wall and the installation of new barriers and kerbs.

Shay Murtagh Precast manufactured and supplied 4NO Cill Beams, 4 NO Internal Box Beams (SD3)-(BEAM TYPE) and 26NO Approach Walls with coping units.

The manufactured unit weights:

  • Cill 1 = 8.8TON
  • Cill 2 = 10.5TON
  • Cill 3 = 4.0TON
  • Cill 4 = 3.3TON
  • Riser Unit = 1.8TON
  • Box Beam 3 = 10.5TON, length 10.600M
  • Box Beam 6 = 10.5TON, length 10.600M
  • Approach units = varying from 6.8TON to 8.0TON
  • Box beams 2 & 5 were batched together here in the factory at a total mass of 24.5TON, length 10.600 M
  • Box beams 1 & 4 were batched together here in the factory at a total mass of 22.75TON, length 10.600M

Beams (2&5) & (1&4) batched together to reduce the amount of crane lifts.

Roadside face had red brick faced on the approach units. Which completed here in the factory with a form liner finish to the track side.

Pre-delivery a trial assembly held at our factory in Raharney. Both J Murphy and Network Rail inspected after disassembly and shipment to the site.

The Hungerford Road bridge opened three weeks ahead of schedule in May 2016. All the team at Shay Murtagh Precast take the opportunity to thank all involved.


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