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Concrete Storage Tanks for Lower Melville Wood

Shay Murtagh recently manufactured and installed two significant post-tensioned concrete storage tanks at Lower Melville Wood Landfill, Ladybank, Scotland on behalf of Tal Civil Engineering and end client Fife Council, Scotland.

The two storage tanks were part of a new Leachate Treatment Plant.

The concrete tanks would help Fife Council to reduce costs of off-site tankering and disposal as well as assist in reducing the Council’s carbon footprint and generate a treated product of a standard to re-introduce into the local water ecosystem.

The first tank was a 20.080m diameter (2,000 cubic meter capacity) ‘leachate storage tank’ with 6.5m high wall panels. The tank consisted of forty wall panels and two stressing panel units. The wall panels weighed 3.6t each while the stressing units weighed 4.7t each. As the tank closed, column and beam units, required to support the roof structure above.

Precast Columns

Thirteen No. 300x300mm precast columns; required each weighing 1.5t. Beams with 600x300 section size used to support the roof with a maximum length of 5.2m and weight 2.3t. Approximately 54 linear metres of beam, manufactured for this tank. Sixty four linear meters of a 300mm high by 420mm wide L-shaped parapet band beam also installed around the perimeter of the tank at roof level. The roof structure consisted of precast roof slabs with an insitu concrete screed. The slabs,150mm thick and various sized openings were cast into these units as required by the client.

Concrete Tanks

The second concrete tank was a 9.920m diameter ‘balance tank’ with 3.0m high wall panels. The tank consisted of twenty wall panels and one stressing panel unit. The wall panels weighed 1.6t each while the stressing unit weighed 2.1t. The floor of this tank, benched to falls and sump.

Both tanks, successfully delivered and installed by our logistics and installation crew. Steve Gedye, the Supervising Engineer from SLR Consulting on behalf of Fife Council was impressed by both the efficiency and technical capabilities of our installation crew and stated that he would happily recommend Shay Murtagh on any future tank required developments. Many thanks to the Tal Civil Engineering team for successful project completion.

As a side note we put a special mention to the management and staff of the Lomond Hills Hotel which looked after our crew during the project, the hospitality and service were greatly appreciated.

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Storage Tanks or or contact the team at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information.

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