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Peat Storage Facility, Shetland Islands

Geosystems were awarded the contract to manufacture and deliver a precast HexLok system for reinforced earth walls in the Shetland Islands. The panels were 150mm thick and each weighed 0.9T. The retaining walls were constructed in two tiers with heights varying between 6 and 9m.The project was completed in two phases and 9000 panels were manufactured. This is one of the largest reinforced concrete retaining walls in Ireland & the UK with one peat store over 600m long and 17m high.

Total E&P UK Lt needed an on-shore treatment plant at their Laggan-Tormore Project, Sullom Voe. This is to clean the gas piped to the Shetlands Isles from their new gas field some 60km away in the Atlantic. A condition by the local authority was that the approximately 3M depth of peat covering the site was to be removed, stored and at the end of the life of the gas field, some 60 years hence, the plant was to be removed and the peat returned to its original location.

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