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Precast walls and panels for Malahide National School, Dublin

Between 2019 and 2022, Ireland plans to establish forty-two new schools in order to meet the educational needs of a growing population.  Twenty-six of them will be primary schools, and sixteen post-primary or secondary, including the new Malahide National School, the construction of which is now well underway.

Educate Together commissioned Ganson Building and Civil Engineering Ltd to build the school, which will, when completed, cater to over a thousand students.

It has not been an easy project, as finding a suitable site for the school brought about some unexpected difficulties, but it is now well underway, and Ganson has turned to Alcrete, part of the Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete group, to supply precast walls and panels.

All educational establishments need to keep safety at the forefront of design and implementation, and where precast concrete is concerned, there could be no better choice.  Its fire retardant properties far exceed the requirements of the relevant regulations, and even during construction the ease with which the units can be craned into place, often obviating the need for scaffolding completely, make it a favourite material for health and safety conscious engineers.

Alcrete’s reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality units is standing it in good stead in the building trade, particularly where public buildings such as schools and care homes are concerned.  Education and health have specialised requirements, not only where safety is an important factor, but also for noise reduction and durability, and Alcrete’s precast walls and panels have proved themselves to be more than capable of fulfilling these requirements.

In outlining the plans for the expansion of the schools' network in Ireland, the Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton T.D. spoke of the necessity for modern school facilities if Ireland is to have the best education and training system in Europe.

Both Ganson and Alcrete will be proud to have played their part in providing those modern school facilities.



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