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Specialist Concrete Beams, Saltend Waste Water Treatment Works, Hull.

A thirty million pound contract for the improvement and expansion of a waste water treatment works at Saltend was awarded to Mott MacDonald Bentley (MMB) in 2018, and the work is due to be completed in late Autumn of this year.

Yorkshire Water’s plans to modernise the water treatment process at Saltend, near Hull, is a major part of its policy to increase the production and processing of sludge and use it to generate energy.  Anaerobic digestion procedures will be extended and upgraded, and the biogas those procedures produce will be used to fuel combined heat and power engines, which generate electricity.  The power that is not used by the site itself will be transferred to the electricity grid, and will be available to homes and businesses.  Some of the bio-gas could, after cleaning, be fed into the gas grid.

Renewable energy from wastewater treatment is playing an increasingly important role in electricity generation and gas production.

A major part of the modernisation is the building of a new inlet works.  The removal of unwanted items from incoming wastewater has always been an important part of the process, and increasing the efficiency and speed with which this can be done has been factored into the design.

Precast concrete is the material of choice for such civil engineering projects, offering as it does durability, safety, and value for money.  MMB turned to Shay Murtagh Precast for the manufacture and delivery of the specialist concrete beams, sixteen TYE beams, two YE2 and one Y2.  The specialist concrete beams have been used to create the solid deck upon which precast concrete retaining wall channels will be built to form the inlet works.

Shay Murtagh has the manufacturing capability, the experience and the expertise to handle the contractor’s requirements for major civil engineering developments, and now that the first of the three structures in which it has been involved at Saltend has been completed, the company looks forward to working alongside Mott MacDonald Bentley’s team in the next stages of the project.

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