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Twin Wall System for Tonlegee Road Nursing Home in Dublin

Our Role / Twin Wall System

The construction of a large nursing home requires specialist skills in engineering and design, which is why JNP Architects and their contractors, DHD Construction, looked to Shay Murtagh to supply the pre-cast twin wall concrete components of the luxurious building in Raheny, Dublin.

About the Project

This was a design and build contract, and the TLC Group, who commissioned the Tonlegee Road project, had very specific requirements, which Alcrete, part of the Shay Murtagh Group, was ideally placed to meet.

Alcrete’s solid and twin wall system met the specifications that had been demanded.  Safety is always a consideration, not only for the finished product, but also for the various construction phases of a project, and pre-cast concrete is one of the safest materials for the on-site workers.

The use of scaffolding is eliminated, as the components are dropped into place by crane, and there are far fewer workers on site.

Waste, which is not only expensive but often dangerous, is minimised if not entirely eliminated, as is the danger of fire.

Fireproofing is essential in the healthcare environment, and Alcrete and Shay Murtagh’s experience in this field is invaluable.  Concrete has an inherent fire resistance of up to four hours, which far exceeds statutory requirements.

Sound proofing is unlikely to be a requirement during the building phase of the project, but for the finished Tonlegee Road nursing home it is essential.  TLC Carton is a luxury nursing home designed for the older person, and although there are plenty of family rooms, on the whole, the environment needs to be quiet.  Alcrete’s twin wall system comes into its own when faced with such challenges, as it virtually eliminates the necessity for installing expensive sound-proofing systems towards the end of the building project.


TLC Carton has been completed, and the former Kappa Smurfit site now boasts a three storey, one hundred and forty bed purpose-built luxury nursing home.  Everybody is delighted with the result, from the TLC Group to the architects, the constructors, Shay Murtagh and Alcrete. The new patients are also as they settle in to the lovely building that was designed with them in mind.


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