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Below are some questions that we are asked on a regular basis.

A culvert is a conduit used to enclose a flowing body of water. It may be used to allow water to pass underneath a road, railway, or embankment.
Precast Concrete Box Culverts are quick and easy to install and are mainly used for drainage and underpasses.

Attachment of wingwalls to structural elements like bridges or building foundations is essential. Like a retaining wall, a wing wall holds back the soil on one side, facilitating a change in elevation.
Sloping sites often incorporate wing walls into their building foundations. The wing walls are built as extensions of the building foundation on the downhill side of the structure. They hold back the soil to create open lawn area outside a walkout basement providing additional yardage to a home or building.
Bridge wing walls are a little different than building wing walls in that there are usually four – a pair at each end – extending at an angle from the ends of the bridge. The four wing walls of a bridge are essential parts of the bridge foundation. When the bridge spans a waterway, the wing walls protect the roadway on either side of the bridge from erosion by directing water under the span.

The uses for pre-cast concrete box culverts are endless. They can be used for underpasses, service tunnels, subways, outfalls, bridges, passageways for animals, stream culverts, material handling, utility storage, chimneys, vertical storage, watertight holding tanks and more.

Firstly, a concrete pipe is extremely durable. It is much more durable that any other kind of pipe and it can carry more load at a single time. Secondly, concrete pipes are thermal and weather resistant.

A range of sizes are available from 1.0m x 1.0m to 14.0m x 7.0m. The larger Culverts are made in U – sections and delivered in two pieces to site. Bespoke sizes can also be created by specialist concrete engineers. Wing Walls and Header Beams can also be provided.

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