Concrete Frame Building

Concrete Frame Buildings or Concrete A Frame – Beam system is extremely economic for Concrete Buildings,  it requires no painting, finishing or fire protection. It is a suitable structural form for industrial concrete buildings, warehousing, sports halls, community halls etc.

The Concrete A Frame system consists of pre-stressed precast and reinforced precast concrete 4º A beams fixed to reinforced columns, in spans up to 24.40m in bay centres of up to 9.0m.; Clear working height of up to 9.145m between finished floor level and the soffit of the beam can be obtained. The system incorporates the use of precast concrete gutters which can be used in both eaves and valley situations. Walling and roofing can be varied to the requirements of the client. Shay Murtagh helps deliver the best possible results for all types of construction


What are the advantages of choosing Concrete Frame Buildings?

Concrete Frame Buildings offer numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, durability, and low maintenance. They eliminate the need for painting, finishing, or fire protection, resulting in long-term cost savings. These structures are well-suited for industrial buildings, warehouses, sports halls, and community halls.

How does the Concrete A Frame system work?

The Concrete A Frame system comprises pre-stressed precast and reinforced concrete 4º A beams securely fixed to reinforced columns. This configuration allows for spacious structures with spans of up to 24.40m and bay centers of up to 9.0m. It provides a clear working height of up to 9.145m between the finished floor level and the beam’s soffit. Additionally, our system incorporates precast concrete gutters suitable for both eaves and valley situations.

What types of construction projects can benefit from Shay Murtagh’s Concrete Frame Buildings?

Shay Murtagh’s expertise in Concrete Frame Buildings extends to a wide range of construction projects. Our solutions are suitable for industrial buildings, warehouses, sports halls, community halls, and more. Whether you have a large-scale commercial development or a smaller-scale project, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results.  Contact Shay Murtagh today to find out more.

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