Concrete Liftshafts

Concrete Liftshafts

Shay Murtagh manufactures, supplies and supervises the installation of precast concrete lift shafts. The demand for lifts is increasing due to both the pressure for higher density development and legislation. Lifts and the shafts that house them are expensive and can be problematic.

Benefits of using a Precast Concrete Lift Shaft

  • Can accommodate virtually any size, shape and configuration.
  • Cost savings
  • The lift is automatically vertical simply by standing the sections one on top of the other.
  • Does not impact critical path of project.
  • Reduction in site problems during mechanical installation.
  • Reduced site labour and costs.
  • The shaft becomes integral to the building.

The factory production techniques used by Shay Murtagh ensure a high strength, and high quality finished products

Precast Lift Shafts

Shay Murtagh modular pre-cast lift shafts are an engineering product specifically designed to minimise site work and the potential for alignment errors.

Lift Shafts Manufacturing

With over 35 years experience in the manufacture and installation of precast products, Shay Murtagh Ltd now introduce a new addition to their product range. Precast Concrete Lift Shafts.

Lift Shaft Experts

Precast Concrete Liftshaft benefit in reduction of site problems during mechanical installation.


bridge beams

Register online now for access to download the Shay Murtagh Precast Bridge Beam Technical Manual Edition 3 – the conclusive technical manual for bridge beam design – including our online BIM Library which contains Revit objects of our beams available to download.


bridge beams

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These videos were produced onsite at our factory with Steve Lowe, Senior Design Engineer at Shay Murtagh addressing different aspects of design.



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