Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Design, Manufacture and Supply

At Shay Murtagh Precast we can supply precast concrete retaining walls anywhere within Ireland and the United Kingdom. We design and manufacture ‘L’ shaped walls in precast concrete sections which can be adapted to a wide variety of uses and situations. 

Six Metre Maximum

The wall can range in size to a maximum height of 6 metres, and a maximum thickness of 350 millimetres.

Precast Concrete Sections - Simple to Erect

We manufacture precast concrete ‘L’ sections at our modern production facility in Raharney, Mullingar, County Westmeath, using high quality steel moulds. The panels can be fitted together on site using a simple tongue and groove system. An engineer is required to check the foundations and wall stability, but minimal plant and workforce is required to excavate, install the sections, and backfill.

Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Applications

Walls built using our ‘L’-shaped sections have a wide variety of applications.

  • In residential and commercial building projects, they can be used to manage changes in ground levels, and are particularly effective when time, access and cost constraints preclude the use of more labour-intensive solutions, such as gabion walls.
  • They are also effective in the construction of storage bays in settings such as the agricultural and recycling industries, where bays can be constructed in any shape and size.
  • With the addition of a suitable sealant, they can be used to manage wet products.
  • Where necessary, ducts and openings can be cast into the panels to allow for pipes.

Savings on Time and Overheads

Using our precast concrete retaining walls, considerable savings can be made in both time and project expenditure. Other trades can be employed on the site quickly after the erection of the retaining wall, with a minimum of time required for ground settling. The overall cost is predictable, contributing to value engineering.

A Strict Quality Control Regime

At our manufacturing plant we observe the highest standard of quality control, using the ISO 9001 2000 Quality Management System. All our structural concrete is designed to BS8110 1997.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Requirements

At Shay Murtagh, we understand the need to work with our customers to understand their requirements and devise an individual solution. Our qualified and experienced engineers are on hand to discuss the needs of your project. Contact us by telephone or email: [email protected]



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These videos were produced onsite at our factory with Steve Lowe, Senior Design Engineer at Shay Murtagh addressing different aspects of design.

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