GRC Panels

GRC Panels

GRC (Glass-fiber reinforced concrete) permanent soffit framework, produced at Shay Murtagh Precast., specifically to suit all forms of structures, provides both a practical and economical way of supporting freshly poured in situ concrete in composite bridge decks.

Dependant upon the depth of the concrete deck, formwork spans of up to 1200 mm do not require temporary support.

GRC framework is capable of supporting various slab thicknesses over a variety of spans between main bridge beams. In addition, its characteristics allow it to behave as a composite part of the in-situ concrete under normal in service dynamic loading.

Available in thin panels, in either flat sheet or corrugated form, GRC from works delivered to site ready to use.

Tensile tests carried out on samples taken from actual contracts show that the bond between GRC permanent formwork and the concrete it supports is generally stronger than either parent material.

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