Septec 2000

Septec 2000

Treating effluent leaving your dwelling/business has in previous times been dealt with either by Main Drainage or Septic Tanks. With new sites now carrying out rigorous percolation reports, most projects need further treatment carried out before entering percolation areas or filter beds.

Septec is a domestic sewage treatment system that caters for up to 10 people. The system has a capacity of 8200 litres over three tanks. Each tank is manufactured in concrete which allows the system to be placed directly into an excavated area without a concrete base or surround. Our experienced technicians deliver, install, commission and maintain these systems nationwide. With only two moving parts in the system, there is little maintenance required and with a final pumped effluent there is an even distribution of treated water to percolation area/filter bed. The Septec System is certified by the Irish Agreement Board.

Agreement Certificate

Owner Manual

Installation Manual


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These videos were produced onsite at our factory with Steve Lowe, Senior Design Engineer at Shay Murtagh addressing different aspects of design.

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