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Since we rolled out our first edition of Bridge Beam Technical Manual in 2011 we have often being asked questions on Eurocodes for Precast Bridge Beams and Precast Culverts.

Some of these queries have been addressed in our 3rd Edition which you can download here but we have also created 12 video tutorials to help explain some of the basic elements of design and manufacture of Bridge Beams and Culverts. We look forward to your feedback on these videos and welcome ideas for future productions.

About Steve Lowe

Steve has in-depth knowledge of design and detailing using the latest Eurocodes to give our clients the best possible design solution for their project. Graduating from Texas A&M University with B.S. in Civil Engineering he completed his full time education at the University of Cambridge graduating with a Master of Philosophy in Bridge Engineering. While having practical experience in some of Ireland’s most prestigious engineering practices he also lectured in both Ireland and the States.

Remember you can contact us directly at where we can assist with your design query. You can also connect to Steve on Linkedin at . We look forward to your comments.

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We will be producing a new series of education videos in the near future – if you would like to be informed of these when available fill in the form and we will notify you.

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