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Dundee Culvert Extension

The Scottish Executive Development Department requested the design and manufacture of a bespoke ArchLok system to extend an existing culvert in Dundee. The project required a value engineering solution comprised of 20 ArchLok segments with cast footings on keyways and a cast crown beam and grout keyway to hold in place. Following completion of the arch the HexLok system of reinforced soil was used to fromwingwalls to the culvert.

The HexLok panels were cast on-site with ready-mix truck supplied concrete. Ten HexLok moulds were supplied on loan to the contractor with an in-house engineer present as the casting began. Match-cast special headwall units 1.5M high to suit adjacent HexLok face panels were all cast together in one operation, resulting in a complete tunnel solution, manufactured to the specific requirements of the client.

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