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4 geotechnical solutions for earth retaining structures – Geosystems

Shay Murtagh Geosystems specialise in creating cost-effective geotechnical solutions for earth retaining structures and arch bridges. Shay Murtagh lead the industry in devising and developing geotechnical engineering systems for use in large-scale civil projects. There products and processes have been successfully used in many locations across the UK, Ireand and in other parts of the world, demonstrating the applicability of their systems not only to local conditions, but also to a range of climate and soil types.

Shay Murtagh – a Proven Record in Infrastructure Projects

Shay Murtagh are leaders in the field of soil retaining structures for civil engineering projects. Their range of precast concrete products includes the widest range of technically-advanced solutions to the challenges faced in the design and building of infrastructure projects such as roads, tunnels, and bridges. Shay Murtagh’s unique systems for stabilising soil have been developed with experience gained from many years of successful operations in this demanding field.

Earth Retaining Structures

The problem of stable earth retaining structures in civil projects requiring a major change in ground level is a recurring one, particularly in programmes such as modern road-building. Potentially, it involves considerable expenditure, both financially and in terms of the time and disruption needed for construction. Commissioners need to be convinced that the solution proposed will be safe and durable as well as offering good value for money and an acceptable time-line.

Shay Murtagh’s Unique Geotechnical Solutions

Shay Murtagh have their own highly effective solutions to some of the most pressing challenges commonly encountered in civil projects; the construction of tunnels, and earth retention both vertically and behind steep slopes.

Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Using the latest technology to calculate factors such as shear strength, effective stress, settlement, consolidation and applied loads, Shay Murtagh design and construct successful solutions to changing ground elevations. Their retaining walls utilise their own unique technology to stabilise soil, preventing downward movement and erosion.

Interlocking Precast Tunnel Segments

ArchLok is a unique arch-building system, developed by Shay Murtagh, using precast concrete arch segments to construct tunnels quickly and cost-effectively.

Reinforced Soil Slopes

The GridLok system, exclusively developed by Shay Murtagh, uses steel mesh panels and inextensible steel soil reinforcements to create stable slopes at angles up to seventy degrees.

Vertical Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments

Shay Murtagh’s HexLok system offers a complete solution to earth retention in settings such as road cuttings and bridge abutments. Steel soil tensile reinforcements are connected to a facing of hexagonal concrete panels, giving both structural integrity and a pleasing appearance.

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