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Ash Road Bridge

This development is part of Policy A31 of the 2019 Guildford Borough Local Plan, which allocates land for new housing in Ash and Tongham. The new bridge will also reduce congestion in the area and The scheme has therefore been able to benefit from a substantial Housing Infrastructure Fund grant secured from the government.

Currently, the Ash Level Crossing is closed for up to 25 minutes out of every hour, leading to significant traffic delays which are likely to get worse once more frequent services are introduced along the train line. Other stated benefits to the bridge include safer crossings for pedestrians and cyclist

Shay Murtagh Precast manufactured and delivered 17 No. internal Y3’s@ 24m long and 24ton each with 2 No. edge beams with 2nd stage parapets casts complete with temporary works fixings for edge protection erection prior to the beam install. All Y3's. parapets and edge beams delivered in advance over a 2 week period to facilitate the contractors strict rail possession.

Additionally a viewing area was installed for local residents to watch the progress of this significant project across the weekend. Works started early on Saturday 4th May, with all 19 beams successfully installed by 6pm. This was ahead of the anticipated programme and allowed additional activities to be undertaken within the safety of the possession. Fantastic result.

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Date: 08 May 2024

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