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Luxury residential development at Robswall, Malahide in Dublin

Robswall is on a hill that overlooks the historic town of Malahide and the sea and is less than ten miles from Dublin. So is certainly a place for those who love the east coast of Ireland. The need the convenience of quick access to the capital city.  Building luxury homes and apartments here should have been an ideal project for the construction industry. |It certainly seemed to attract favourable attention.  However, this was in the days of the Celtic Tiger, and the property crash stalled construction on the nine-acre site.

Now, Hollybrook New Homes Ltd. has finished this luxury residential development, and the houses and apartments have attracted residents who love Malahide, and who appreciate the style and quality of the homes that make up the complex.

Hollybrook turned to Alcrete, part of the Shay Murtagh group, to supply precast concrete components such as precast concrete stairs, walls and floors for nine of the houses and twenty-two of the apartments.

Hollybrook wanted the best for its first foray into the Irish market. They chose Alcrete and Shay Murtagh for their excellent reputation, and for the quality of their products.  Precast concrete is the ideal material for residential buildings, combining as it does safety, durability and value for money.  Risk mitigation during the construction phase is important, and precast concrete obviates the necessity for scaffolding. A crane lowers the components into place. Fire resistance is another important factor where safety is concerned, and concrete meets and exceeds safety requirements in this area.

Robswall is a luxury development, and this means prospective buyers have high standards.  Soundproofing is important; Alcrete’s double and single walls meet the most exacting standards and require little more in the way of finishing after installation.  Precast concrete stairs are not only sturdy and durable. But the smooth finish allows the surface of choice to lay directly onto them. Whether that surface is carpet, laminated or natural wood, or synthetic materials.

The houses and apartments at Robswall completed on time and sold quickly.  Hollybrook’s first successful venture into Ireland will not be its last. Alcrete and Shay Murtagh look forward to working with them in the future.

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