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Launch of Technical Platform Prestressed Concrete Beam V.4

Welcome to the Shay Murtagh Precast Fourth Edition of our Technical Platform for Prestressed Concrete Beams.

For this edition we have moved from a print version to an interactive online digital platform, future-proofing the user with the latest most up to date information. You will have full access to BIM objects in multiple software tools, Autocad files and pdf files of the comprehensive sweep of our prestressed concrete beam details. All downloadable for use in the user’s individual project requirements.

Fourth Edition

The Fourth Edition includes geometric cross-sections, shear reinforcement detailing and available prestressing strand locations for all of the prestressed concrete beams that we manufacture. We have also included the wide array of standard details directly associated with each prestressed beam type and the innovative details we have developed or promulgated that minimize and simplify the in-situ works associated with bridges incorporating prestressed concrete beams.

In this latest edition, Shay Murtagh Precast retains but refines the section property tables and recommended span tables for each beam type that have proven so valuable for both the preliminary design and detailed design of prestressed concrete beams.

The Bridge Designer’s Checklist has also been updated and continues to supplement and enhances the manual and serve as a valuable resource for all users but is of particular benefit for users new to our Technical Manual or to bridge design.

New Features

A new feature as we are online is “Live Chat” where the user can now interact directly with our team, asking for further information, responding to a query or indeed ask for assistance with a project design. Our team is available at the end of that tool to respond to any queries or requests. As this is an online version, we will endeavour to bring new sections and details as they arise and will inform you directly of this.

You can contact us at any time through the different channels or send an email to technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information on bridge beams, BIM and value engineering solutions.
We look forward to delivering a more detailed, connected, and responsive user tool to deliver valuable information for our Clients.


  • A much more comprehensive access to our standard details for prestressed beams and standard details associated with prestressed beams.
  • This access is via multiple options ranging from BIM objects to CAD files to pdf’s.
  • Refinements to the dimension and section property tables
  • Refinements to the Bridge Designer’s Checklist
  • Move from Manual to Online Platform
  • Live Chat Functionality – gaining direct access to Technical Team to assist with your query

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