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4 Metre Wide Deck Units For Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport, the largest and busiest airport in the world. Not surprisingly, upgrades and improvements large and small continue year on year.  As aircraft become larger and heavier, runways and taxiways need extending and strengthening. Strengthened to take the additional strain, and the infrastructure to support the airport itself and those who work there. As well as the travellers themselves. Maintained in a manner that ensures it can handle the load.

In a location where minimum disruption. Vital Projects required to complete on schedule. The engineer’s choice of construction techniques must give first consideration. Consideration to those which are least likely to be subject to delays caused by adverse weather.  Precast concrete, which can be fabricated offsite in controlled factory conditions, has obvious advantages.

Morgan Sindall Construction is involved in several projects at Heathrow Airport, and one of the largest is part of a one and a half billion pound programme which includes the development and upgrading of a Sierra Taxiway linked to Terminal Four.  Morgan Sindall commissioned Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete to manufacture and deliver two deck units to Heathrow, among the largest individual units that the specialists in precast concrete have produced in the four decades since the original company was founded.

Shay Murtagh’s expert team at their manufacturing facility produced the deck units to the exacting specifications of the contractors. Then it was the turn of their Abnormal Load Logistics Team.  As the units measured over four metres wide. The planning for the delivery had to be meticulous. It is just as well that Shay Murtaghs experience and expertise can handle such commissions.

The future will see much more work of this nature at Heathrow, and Shay Murtagh looks forward to further commissions from Morgan Sindall, and to working alongside them on projects at this important site.

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