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Concrete Storage Tanks

Shay Murtagh Precast is the market leader in the manufacture and installation of Pre-stressed & Post-tensioned Concrete Water Storage Tanks in Ireland.

This water tank system is extensively used in the Water and Waste Water Industry and the company has undertaken thousands of Municipal and Industrial projects throughout Ireland with Local Authorities, Large Industry and Civil/Building Contractors.

The Storage Tank system can be used for a wide range of applications including,

  • Water Storage Reservoirs,
  • Aeration Tanks,
  • Clarifier/Settlement tanks,
  • SBR Tanks,
  • Anoxic Tanks,
  • Picket Fence Thickener Tanks,
  • Slurry Storage Tanks

and can be obtained in capacities ranging from 35 cubic metres (7,700 gallons) to 15,000 cubic metres (3.30 million gallons).

Concrete Storage Tank Construction:

Tanks are constructed by erecting  precast and pre-stressed concrete wall panels on a circular reinforced concrete foundation base. The cylindrical tank walls are then post-tensioned circumferentially with greased and PVC coated super strand housed within a PVC ductas. When post-tensioning is complete a reinforced concrete upstand ring beam is cast on both sides of wall panel at intersection of wall panel and foundation base.

A concrete roof can be provided using a grid system of precast concrete columns and spine beams which are then spanned with flat precast and pre-stressed concrete roof panels to cover entire roof area.

Concrete Storage Tanks